A boy named Sault

I had to be in Sault Ste Marie this week for work and came home to find this adorable little surprise this morning.

Thanks for holding down the fort Jake, and welcome to the world Sault!

7 responses to “A boy named Sault”

  1. Ohhh my! Look at him. I’ll be by soon with cigars to celebrate the new baby 🙂

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  2. Catherine Smith Avatar
    Catherine Smith

    How gorgeous is Sault?


    1. I know right? They are all cute, but this guy I find really cute. And he is a frisky little devil. I just hope he doesn’t grow up tough and mean with that name!


      1. Well you can always change his name to Assault.


  3. Lorna Mary MacRury Avatar
    Lorna Mary MacRury

    Oh, how cute is Sault and I love that name. With those eyelashes I am pretty sure he will be a charmer. Look out girls.


  4. Kari… I do not receive any photos only the message you send.


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