Cold snap lambs …

So I was sure they were all waiting for this cold snap to lamb, but so far only one. We are going through lots of firewood, but the girls are nice and cozy.

Checking on the sheep and keeping the fires going isn’t a bad way to pass the storm.

2 responses to “Cold snap lambs …”

  1. Lorna Mary MacRury Avatar
    Lorna Mary MacRury

    Oh that is so adorable. It takes me back to my uncles farm in Askilton when I was a little girl. My uncle David (better known as DA) was a big 6 ft.6″ softie. He loved his livestock, but particularly the lambs. I remember him saying ” how could anyone eat lamb, what did they ever do to anyone”? Needless to say we ate the old sheep that tasted like woolen socks. He would not be happy with me now as I love lamb, but I do try not to think about how my dinner arrived on my plate.
    Keep them coming Kari. I love these pics.

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    1. Luckily they aren’t so cute by the time they are so delicious.


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